Iron / Folic Acid Supplement

The Standard in Iron Therapy just got better

Hemocyte® F combines Ferrous Fumarate and Folic Acid with exceptional quality, consistent results and affordable cost for the patient.
It’s that simple.

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106 mg of Elemental Iron
Each Hemocyte® F capsule is equivalent to about 106 mg of elemental iron.

Folic Acid
Hemocyte® F contains 1 mg of folic acid to treat certain types of anemia (not enough red blood cells).

Convenient Dosing
Take one Hemocyte® F tablet a day between meals or as prescribed by physician.

Gluten Free
Hemocyte® F is 100% gluten free, fat free and sugar free.

No Calcium
Like many other multi vitamins, Hemocyte® F does not contain any calcium for optimal iron absorption.