Iron / Folic Acid / Vitamin Supplement Capsules

<br/>Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

… and their answers.

What other, inactive ingredients does Hemocyte® Plus have?
All inactive ingredients are listed on the "About" page.

Where can I buy Hemocyte® Plus?
You can purchase Hemocyte® Plus in every pharmacy in the United States. Because Hemocyte® Plus is a specialty product, the pharmacy may have to order it for you, which takes usually 24-48 hours.

Would my health insurance pay for Hemocyte® Plus?
Your heath insurance may pay for Hemocyte® Plus, however, every health insurance determines its own coverage.
However, Hemocyte® Plus is priced to meet many insurance deductibles.

How much does Hemocyte® Plus cost at the pharmacy?
Unfortunatly, we have no control over the final pharmacy price. Every pharmacy determines its own price for Hemocyte® Plus.

Could it make a difference to compare prices for Hemocyte® Plus?
Yes, it could. Every pharmacy determines its on price for Hemocyte® Plus.